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Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam Movie Review

Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam Movie Review

It was Kalavani’s (2010) success which set the trend, now many producers want their films to be on similar lines. And many established and upcoming directors opt to make smaller films with ample dose of comedy. This year we’ve already seen few films in this genre (Pandiraj’s Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga, Ezhil’s Desinghuraja, et al). Now it is debutant Ponram’s turn to make one – Varuthapadatha valibar sangam.

The movie starts with a grim mood, where Sivanandi(Sathyaraj) is taken into custody by the local police for an honour killing. En route to the murder spot, the plot unfolds. Story is set in Silukkuvarpatti – Sivanandi , a big shot who is always seen with four of his sidekicks. And there is a club (Varuthapadatha valibar sangam) run by two careless youngsters Bosepandi(Sivakarthikeyan) and Kodi(Soori) in the locality. Sivanandi wants his school-going daughter Lathapandi(Sridivya) to get married (like his other two daughters) before she falls for someone. Lathapandi reluctantly agrees but the wedding is called off after police intervene. She learns that Bosepandi was the savior and falls for him, what follows next forms the rest of the plot.

Sivakarthikeyan is effective as a happy-go-lucky youngster. But his antics and dialogue delivery seems to be monotonous. Soori’s deliberate inclusion of English words in his dialogues adds more fun though his attempt to emulate Vadivelu’s brand of humor is evident but he pulls it off with ease. Sathyaraj is just terrific in his new look and has a done neat job.  Sridivya has got her expressions right, hope this talented newcomer gets good roles and goes places in the future.

Director seemed to be inspired from Kalavani and there are scenes involving Dindigul Reeta which are just lifted from the former and seriously even the song played in the background (Rathiri nerathu poojayil) is just the same.  It seems makers were really worried about the comical moments and doesn’t care much about the plot. And the biggest problem is the characterization of Sivanandi, director could have worked more on this.

Balasubramaniem’s cinematography is a big plus and couple of Imman’s melodies is the pick of the lot.       But,songs just hamper the already tottering narration. Almost for most of its running time there are several silly moments and the pinnacle of it is in the near-end when the truth is revealed. Yes, the climax is different and works partly but when Sivanandi reveals about his other son-in-laws’ professions you do realize that all along the joke’s on us.


Rating – 2 out of 5

Verdict – Few laughs and nothing else.

Directed by: Ponram

Produced by: P.Madhan

Written by: Ponram

Cast: Sivakarthikeyan , Sathyaraj ,Sridivya, Soori

Music: D.Imman

Cinematography: Balasubramaniem

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